Law Office of David Nguyen, PC.

Client Testimonials

“This attorney goes the second mile to be courteous and supportive. The best part was being available 24/7. Instant responses to every question.”

Jane M.

“The Treatment was exceptional, respectful and it almost felt like family relationship other than attorney and client. I moved From Texas to the Midwest but as soon as I needed an attorney I did not hesitate to call David Nguyen. I am very thankful for everything.”

Marcelo P.

“He treated me very well, he is a good attorney. He is a smart lawyer and good one too. Keep it up.”

Mary A.

“He was honest, open and very accommodating. Had a listening ear and provide the best consultation service I’ve ever had in years. I am recommending in highest esteem you get his service.”

A Satisfied Client

“We attended a marriage interview and received a “Notice of Intent to Deny.” We were referred by a friend to contact Attorney David Nguyen. He worked hard on our case and it was approved. We would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a good attorney.”


“I filed an immigrant visa for my mother but the processing was way too long. NVC will ask us to submit things that we already did, over and over again. So we finally decided to contact a lawyer. And thanks God we did and found the right one!I will highly recommend attorney David Nguyen to anyone who needs help with any legal matters.

He will explained thoroughly about what to do and he will guide you all the way until the end. What I like the most is that, he will reply promptly to all your questions even if he is in court!

My mother has done her medical and interview just a week ago. Thanks God and thanks Attorney David for the help.
And by the way after everything I contacted him with some questions and guess what he replied with in a couple of minutes! He is there not just when the case is going on but even after that. Very approachable, very nice and very friendly person.

How I wish I found this lawyer from the very beginning. 5 stars for the Law Office of David Nguyen.”


“David comes highly recommended and have guided myself and my spouse’s case in a seamless and effortless manner and the direct result was that we were both reunited in less than a year. He was consistently available to answer any questions we had and is still available to guide us through the immigration process. We are so pleased with David’s service, his expertise and knowledge on our case and his ability and willingness to help reunite families and loved ones. Thank you again David!”

Jannie V. & Jonker Jr.

“Attorney provided professional consultation! Mr. Nguyen gave me a good overview about some for my current situation suitable visa types, the processes and the deadlines therefore. I felt overall well informed about the possibilities and I am now able to take further steps or decisions.”

A Satisfied Client

“If you want a Lawyer that is available 24/7 and genuinely cares for his clients then look no further. David personally worked on our case for my green card. We hired him for the full process, so he compiled and prepared all necessary documents and submitted to the relevant agencies on our behalf. He promised during our initial consultation to be there from start to finish and I can confidently say he kept that promise. Even when there were issues with documents or additional work to be done after the initial submission David never charged extra fees or call out costs which was very refreshing. What he charges you on day one is all that you will pay right up until the end. We had several estimates from other lawyers for the same case and found David’s to be marginally more but ultimately worth every penny. David always patiently answered all our (often obvious) questions and was available day and night. Not once did we struggle to get in touch with him even having him respond to emails in-between court appearances with other clients. I mostly corresponded with David from South Africa with a major time zone difference and even then would get responses to my questions within hours(sometimes minutes) of contacting him! We have hired multiple immigration lawyers in the past and David is without a doubt the best. Best immigration lawyer in Texas. No one comes close.”


“He is very knowledgeable and specific with his feedback. I highly recommend him!”


“I was very pleased with David Nguyen, as I immediately felt the comfort and confidence after the very first consultation with him. Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise. You respond quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the case.

I sincerely appreciate all the help and professionalism shown by you. I would use your firm again in the future. Thanks once again.”


“We are a small staffing company. One of our clients, a mid-sized firm, decided to stiff us out of a significant sum of payment as there was no contract and the business was always conducted through verbal agreements. David took the time to understand the facts of the case and also learned the nuances of our industry in a short period of time and helped draft a demand letter to the client, which eventually led to the client paying us the entire amount within 2 weeks. He is definitely a bright lawyer and knows what he is doing. He takes the time to learn when presented with something new and us fully aware of even the legal precedents that are outside of his domain of expertise. Thanks David.!”


“Very focused, helpful, reliable, effective, responsible and patience Attorney. I am grateful to have to have him as my Immigration Attorney.”

Roderick and Grace

“Very thorough and experienced. He treated my friend fairly and expertly.”


“After first consultation, Mr. Nguyen helped me reviewed and modified my separation agreement. My employer accepted all modifications made by Mr. Nguyen and this helped me a lot. Mr. Nguyen is very knowledgeable and always helpful. He answered questions very promptly. If you have H1B issues or employment issues, I highly recommend Mr. Nguyen. His charge is also very reasonable!”


“David is a very knowledgeable and professional. His fees are extremely reasonable. He is also very easy to work with He listens and answers all of your questions David is by far one of the best attorneys that I have ever come across.”


“My divorce, which was finalized in April 2016, it was an easy process thanks to David Nguyen. He went above and beyond to make himself available for any questions or concerns that I may have had. The process lasted maybe a total of 3 months with no issues for my the uncontested divorce. He made the process run smoothly and was very professional throughout the entire process. I’m glad that I retained David to aide with my legal matter and thoroughly satisfied with his diligence in resolving my issue.”


“David provided exceptional service for my H1 Petition, He kept me informed throughout the process. Unfortunately we had an RFE but David was very knowledgeable and provided accurate documentation required for Successful Approval for my Petition. I am really Thankful to David on his excellent work. I will refer David to any of my friend who would need and assistance with Immigration.”


“Thanks to David for processing my H1B visa with in 7 Working days. I received my visa transfer papers without any RFQ and delay. I was excellent experience working with you David.”

Vishal G.

“We work for the same company and he did an outstanding job when apply/renew my H1band h4 visa for my family. He is very friendly and dedicated and we are lucky to have him as our Attorney.”


“I have worked with David as his client for 6 years, and he has always proven to keep up the promise. His work has been exceptional in handling H1B cases and filing for H4. His knowledge in the immigration domain is vast and all the suggestions made by him during the process very professional and experienced. I would suggest him to be picked as your Attorney.”


“David Nguyen was my company’s corporate attorney and handled my immigration matters, including H-1B transfer and H-1B renewal. It was a pleasure to work with David, who walked me through every step of the process, answered numerous questions and was impeccable in his paperwork. It was reassuring for me to know that a knowledgeable professional was taking care of my immigration affairs. I fully appreciated David’s professionalism, when we had to respond to a USCIS query and David coordinated patiently with various middle vendors and end client to obtain the necessary documentation. I am very thankful for his dedication and recommend his services to anyone who needs immigration legal assistance.”

Rama N.

“David handled my H-1B petition through my employer. I found him very responsive, thorough, knowledgeable and extremely professional. He was easy to get in touch with and was very patient which made the entire process very easy. I would highly recommend David for all immigration needs.”


“I’ve worked with David in the past and he’s nothing but courteous and knowledgeable about visas and immigration-related issues. He will explain the application process thoroughly and keep you in the loop about what’s going on with your status. A-1 customer service!”


“It was an absolute pleasure hiring David Nguyen as my immigration lawyer! He handled my HIB visa and my wife’s H4 visa. We were both stumbled upon receiving his services and we are ever glad we did. He was professional, intelligent, timely, reasonably priced and extremely helpful. David was available at a moments notice, and almost all of my e-mails were responded to within minutes via e-mail or a phone call. Don’t be afraid to consult or use David’s Law Firm, even if you’re not in the Houston/Texas area. I would recommend him time and time again. Thank you so much for your professional, and wonderful services. An absolute joy. Processing, he All I can say is Law Offices of David Nguyen would be the best place to visit if you have any immigration issues.”


“David is a thorough professional and his knowledge in immigration is excellent. David helped me with my H1B filing in 2008 and 2009. There were a couple of complications in my case which David handled pretty efficiently. The best part about David is that he responds to your queries promptly. Two thumps up for David.”


“I am glad to have David Nguyen as my company’s corporate attorney who knows what he is doing and what needs to be done in immigration aspects. David assisted me several times during H1B and H4 processing, he is very responsive, knowledgeable and guides the individual through out the immigration process. I strongly encourage to hire David for immigration matters, I believe you would be extremely pleased with his work.”

Jay B.

“David was my company contact for all matters immigration. He filed my H1b extensions and kept me informed on the status . He helped correct an I-94 error, filing for an amendment with USCIS on time. He also help me file H4 documents for my spouse. I recommend David Nguyen for any one looking to use his services.”

A Satisfied Client

“David helped me with the H-1B visa petition. He would give me clear instructions and a list of documents to collect. That made the process very simple and effective for me. I would recommend David.”


“I have known David for more than 6 years. He handled our work related to H1B cases and responding to USCIS requests for additional evidence, consular processing, I-9 record-keeping requirements, and maintenance and audit of the LCA public access file. We had impeccable record under his supervision. Committed, responsive and caring would be the 3 words which summarize his professionalism.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable on immigration matters and it is also nice to talk to the actual lawyer in person rather than talking with their assistants. David also answers your phone calls whereas other lawyers have their assistants answer their calls. David is also very honest which is something that most lawyers don’t have, David doesn’t try to take your money like other lawyers do. If you want an experienced honest good affordable lawyer, then give David a call.”

Melissa C.

“My experience with Mr. David Nguyen has been extremely pleasant, to say the least. My matter was related to immigration. I have numerous colleagues and friends who have and are going through the immigration process in a number of different capacities. They have sought lawyers who have caused them long delays, more money, and faulty advice. Mr. David Nguyen has been the utmost of a professional who actually cares about you as a person and your particular case. You can tell that he is well informed on all matters related to your case.

I am very fortunate that I stumbled upon Mr. David Nguyen services. I did a google search and found him just on the basis of luck. I just didn’t know who was well versed on legal immigration matters in Houston.

If you aren’t sure about who to go to, do yourself a huge favor and choose Mr. David Nguyen. You will not be disappointed with his amazing services.”

John G.

“Mr. David Nguyen is very gentle & Honest hard worker help full David is not crazy for Money I really give him SELUT.”

Stone G.